A visual profile for a restaurant, bar and club concept in Oslo, previously called Sukkerbiten. Sukkerbiten is located by the sea in Bjørvika, the area where Oslo was founded. This area was once the capital's old center, and back then the harbor was an important part of the city. It was here a lot of history has taken place, and that's what I have based the visual identity on.

Promotion text:
It was in Bjørvika that eager, foreign sailors would dock. They were on the greatest adventure of their life and would lure young girls into bed with a promise to return with treasures, gold and diamonds in every colour. The innocence of many was lost to seducing sailors, but none of the girls ever saw a trace of either the sailor or the treasure that was promised that one steamy night. True to the tradition, we too promise gold and diamonds in the form of concerts, lectures and endless other cultural activities throughout the summer. We promise you something you never have seen, heard or experienced before; we want to take your innocence!

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